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In the event of an Accident, Follow These Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips In the event of an Accident

What To Do When An Automobile Accident Occurs

Once a car accident happens, it may be hard to make sense of what is occurring around you. To ensure you navigate this well, plan ahead for your next steps. Store the number to our dealership on your phone and contact us for help with your situation, and to visit our collision centre.

What are the top 5 things to consider in the event of an accident in Toronto, Ontario?

Remain calm

Determine if anyone has injuries that require medical attention. If someone has suffered serious harm, immediately notify the police and emergency services.

Share Information

Swap phone numbers and insurance information with every party involved in the accident.

Review and Assess the Damage

Review and make a record of the damage on all vehicles. This account should include the names of any witnesses and pictures of the damage.

Roadside Assistance

Use whatever roadside support you subscribe to or contact Honda roadside assistance (1-800-465-7587).

Contact Your Insurance Broker

Reach out to your insurance company to make them aware of the situation. Request that only genuine Honda parts get used for the repairs of your Honda vehicle.

How can my insurance company help me in the event of an accident?

While you are speaking with the others involved in the auto accident, a tow truck can arrive to assist. In many cases, this is a standard procedure. However, there are times the drivers are working with local body shops to gain customers. They will take your Honda vehicle to the repair facility they have partnered with rather than asking for your preference. To combat this scam, insist that your car gets taken to our collision for genuine Honda parts.

After getting settled in a safe location, call the insurance company to explain what happened. From there, a claims adjuster gets assigned to determine what can be covered by your policy. They may suggest a repair facility that provides cheaper repairs. But, you can take your vehicle to the place you know and trust. Insist that only Genuine Honda parts get authorized for your car because they were specifically designed to match and benefit your Honda.

Being the leading dealership in Toronto, Ontario, gives us a wonderful opportunity to serve the drivers of this region. We have a large inventory of new and popular Honda models for our customers in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering, and surrounding areas. So that you enjoy the entire experience of owning a Honda, we want to equip you with the tips you need. If you are ever in an accident, here is the information that will help get the best repairs for your Honda vehicle.

To find out more about genuine Honda parts, contact our dealership. You can go online and schedule a service with us today.

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