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Winter Safety Preparation Guide

Winter Safety Preparation Guide in Scarborough, ON

The winter months are brutal for vehicles. The colder climate forces the components of a vehicle to work harder and endure more stress, which is why preparing your vehicle for the winter is crucial. A proper winter preparation routine will allow you to maintain the condition of your vehicle and increase its longevity. Additionally, preparing your vehicle for the winter weather will also make it safer for you to drive when the temperatures drop.


A proper set of winter tires is essential for your vehicle during the winter. Winter tires are designed for slippery road conditions, meaning that they will be able to provide better traction for your vehicle as you drive in the snow and on ice. Many winter tire designs exist, but most winter tires are constructed with softer rubber compounds and special tread grooves. Visit our dealership's Tire Centre if you would like to learn more about winter tires or have a set of winter tires installed on your vehicle.


Your vehicle's oil needs to be changed and ready to go when the winter months arrive. Cold weather makes it harder for an engine to start and causes it to take longer to get up to its proper running temperature. In turn, the oil in the engine will take longer to warm up and will not be as efficient in the engine as it is in warmer weather. Therefore, you should ensure that your vehicle has clean oil and oil that will adequately lubricate the engine before the weather gets cold.


Windshield wipers should be changed before the winter for several reasons. Primarily, the rubber of the wiper blades will wear down quicker because of the cold weather. You will also need good windshield wipers to clear your windshield of snow, ice, sludge, rain, and more during the winter.

Contact us if you would like more information about preparing your vehicle for the winter. We will also be glad to provide you with some of our best winter driving tips or explain more in-depth how to get your vehicle the best care for each season.

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