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Roadsport Honda's Service Center

Roadsport Honda's Service Center

Benefits Of Choosing Our Service Centre

There are many reasons and benefits to choosing a reliable Service Centre like ours at Roadsport Honda. The most important reason for choosing our Service Centre over others is that you can rest assured knowing that you and your vehicle will be taken care of throughout your entire visit. You will benefit personally from having a great experience where you can set your preferred time to drop off and pick up your vehicle. Since our experts are very knowledgeable, you will always get accurate time estimates for how long a service or repair will take. We understand that your daily life is busy, and we want to help you get back to what's most important to you, so be sure to visit us to benefit from getting prompt service without compromising on quality. Our factory-trained technicians are extremely professional and have lots of experience working in the automotive sector, making them the right people to work on your vehicle to keep it performing correctly and safely. You can also drive confidently, knowing that any repairs or maintenance performed at our location is done with OEM replacement parts that are identical to what's already on your vehicle from the factory. Nobody knows your Honda as well as our experts, so visit us today and learn more about how we can support your vehicle ownership.

Service | List Of Services At Roadsport Honda

At Roadsport Honda, you can keep your vehicle looking and running like new by taking advantage of our numerous automotive services that provide you with effortless and seamless vehicle ownership. We make it easy to access anything your vehicle might need during your ownership from our convenient location in Scarborough, Ontario. Whether your vehicle might require a visit for maintenance or repairs, or if you need to source replacement parts such as bulbs, wiper blades, or anything else from our Parts Centre, we strive to go above and beyond to deliver complete satisfaction with every visit. Our dealership's support isn't limited to our local community since we are easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto, and Pickering.

A Few Of Our Services Include But Not Limited To:

  • Brakes - When brake pads or other brake components require inspection, adjustment, or replacement, use Genuine Honda Parts to preserve the original performance and reliability of your Honda's braking system.
  • Winter Tires - At RoadSport Honda, we know your Honda best and will ensure it's equipped with the optimum choice of tire. We can inspect, replace, balance, rotate, and swap your tires whenever you require.
  • Battery - Avoid the hassle of an unexpected weak or drained battery by having our technicians test your battery life during your maintenance service and replacing it if necessary.
  • Engine Oil - Engine oil lubricates the engine's moving parts to shield them against wear and reduce friction. Be sure to change your engine oil as specified in your Owner's Manual or Maintenance Minder System.
  • Maintenance Before Trips - Besides keeping up with your vehicle's repairs and regular maintenance, you will want to do a few things before getting on the road for a long trip.
  • Fluid Check - You will want to inspect the fluid levels of your vehicle's various systems, which you can do by yourself or with the help of one of our experts. Some systems with fluids that can be checked include the engine oil level, coolant level, power steering fluid level, brake fluid level, transmission fluid levels, and windshield wiper fluid level.
  • Tune-up - A tune-up is always a great idea before a long trip because nothing is worse than an engine that's low on power due to maintenance issues that can cause your fuel economy to spike. Getting fresh filters in for the engine and cabin is a great idea, but you will also want to get an oil change and spark plugs if your vehicle has not had those done.
  • Tire Rotation - A set of tires requires rotation to even out the wear across all four tires, letting you get the maximum lifespan out of your tire set, and you will save money when you purchase tires in a set bundle.
  • Multi-Point Inspection - RoadSport Honda will perform a complimentary multi-point inspection during every service visit.

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Regardless of your automotive needs, our experts are more than qualified to handle your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs. You can even utilize our services to keep your vehicle looking and smelling like new by visiting our location for regular detailing. Be sure to contact us to book an appointment for your vehicle to get anything it might need to stay serving you reliably for years to come. We are your one-stop dealership for accessing helpful services that will provide you with the best vehicle shopping, purchasing, and ownership experience. You can also browse through our service specials, allowing you to save more on your vehicle's needs.

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