Winter Tire Change in Toronto, Ontario


The winter season is fast approaching as the temperatures begin to drop we know the days of open sunroofs, warm breezes, and hot sunlight are behind us. When the snow begins to fall, and the temperature starts to become cooler on a more consistent basis, consumers in Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Pickering need to consider changing their all-season or summer tires over to winter tires. At Road Sport Honda, we encourage all of our customers to utilize all the benefits of winter tires change once cooler temperatures arrive. They provide excellent traction on snow and ice, which heightens your level of safety while driving. Don't forget to take advantage of including the cost of your winter tire package into your monthly vehicle payments.

When to Switch Tires?

However, once the warm weather begins to arrive, our winter tires become less effective and need to be changed. Fortunately, at Road Sport Honda, not only do we provide a wide range of services for your winter tires, but when it's time to change over to all-season tires, our tire centre is ready to help. Please schedule service appointment online, its never been easier to reserve your spot!

Winter Tire Vs Seasonal Tires

The effectiveness of winter tires only take effect once the temperature falls below 7 degrees on a consistent basis. The rubber compound used is softer, and as the temperature drops, it is better suited, whereas summer and all-season tires use harder compounds meant for warmer climates. If you choose to drive with winter tires during warmer weather, tread wear and road noise will increase. Winter tires are designed with a unique tread pattern meant to cut, carve, and breakthrough snow and ice. The aggressive tread pattern helps your tires to avoid snow and ice buildup. If you have any questions regarding any of the information provided above, don't hesitate to contact us.

Tire Change Vs Tire Swap

Some automotive consumers wonder the difference between a tire swap and tire change. With a tire swap, you have two sets of wheels and tires, whereas a tire change requires 1 set of wheels and two sets of tires. A tire swap is a simpler and more practical approach, as you can just switch every season. With a tire change, you need to remove the tires from the wheels and rebalance twice a year. Also, your OEM wheels may be damaged by the salt, snow, and winter road hazards.

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