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Collision Repair in Scarborough, ON

Collision Repair in Scarborough, ON

It is of paramount importance to choose a reliable body shop that will perform excellent repairs that may not be visible but are critical to your safety. The moment an accident occurs, collision repair is most likely to be needed.

At Roadsport Honda, we value the faith you put in us when you drop off your valuable Honda at our Service & Parts Centre. Here we understand that Honda cars are developed and engineered with unique materials that require the use of specific tools and equipment for effective maintenance.

Our qualified technicians have access to all service and repair information straight from Honda. Not to forget the genuine tools, equipment, and training necessary to repair your Honda of all years and models effectively.

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Roadsport Honda Collision Center

To Our Value Customers:

Don't let dents, scratches, rusted panels and collisions take away your showroom new car look.

Let me show you how to get the above repairs performed at a price you can afford, and bring back your Honda to that showroom new car look you were so proud off.

Please give me a call or drop by to see me I will be glad to answer all your questions and give you a FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS!

-- Thank you for your business

Please call us first when you encounter a car collision! Don't let the insurance company drive you away!



Do I have the right to select the shop that will repair my car?

Yes. As a client of an insurance company, you have the right to insist that your vehicle be properly repaired and restored to HONDA?S specifications at our dealer affiliated body shop. There can be no increased cost to you. The insurance company cannot permit your choice of repair facility to affect your premium.

Do I need to get three estimates?

No. Do not waste your time and that of several repair shops getting estimates. Select your repair facility then notify your agent/broker or insurance company. Your insurance adjuster will then need to inspect the damage. Some insurance agents/brokers may tell you to get two or three estimates. Talk to your insurance adjuster first. Generally, claims are handled by the company's claim department, not the agent/broker.

Who is responsible for the repair?

The auto body repair shop. That is why it is important that you select a repair facility that is properly TRAINED & EQUIPPED to restore your automobile to its pre-accident condition.

Should I Insist on genuine Honda parts?

Yes. Honda Canada will not provide any warranty whatsoever on non-Honda parts used for body repair. As much as 5 years of coverage can be lost if a repair is undertaken early on the automobile life.

Must I notify my insurance company before repairs?

Yes. Insurance policies require that you notify the insurance company or your agents/broker. Make a report and tell them where the damage vehicle can be inspected.

5 Things to Learn about Collision Repair

1. Not all parts are created equal

Honda genuine components are engineered to be an exact match for your Honda. They are identical to the originals used in the manufacture of your vehicle and meet Honda standards for safety and dependability.

Honda parts work in synergy to produce integrated systems that work as designed. Safety systems are complicated and rely on each part to protect you. Not all body shops have access to authentic Honda components that are compatible and work in harmony with your vehicle's system.

2. Change is the Risk in Disguise.

Aftermarket parts can be seemingly harmless and sometimes more cost-effective. But, those parts are not required to pass the safety, performance and quality Honda standards and that when this can pose significant issues.

For example, an aftermarket with inferior could hinder the system responsiveness and result in delayed airbag deployment. Honda genuine parts get tested and have tolerances that are a precise fit to your Honda model.

3. All Shops are Not Created Equal

From colour matching on different body parts to mechanical precision, our skilled experts at Roadsport Honda have the skill, training, tools, and correct equipment to get the job done well.

4. Your Honda, Your Choice

To get your Honda back in shape, it is imperative that you are aware that you have a say in where your vehicle gets repaired. It is not up to the insurance company to decide where to send your vehicle in hopes of cutting costs. Know and practice your rights and insist on only getting the right parts for your Honda at a local quality-oriented body shop.

5. Have the Right Resources and Guidance

In times of high stress or vulnerability like accidents, we tend to make rushed or uninformed decisions. Therefore, having a trusted source, not just a general google search that is often loaded with misinformation, is critical.

Bookmark and refer to our website; the guides featured are, In the event of an Accident, Follow These Helpful Tips and Collision Centre Tips. Contact us to book your next service appointment to keep your loyal Honda true to its reliable nature.