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Ready to Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle? Get Your Instant Cash Offer Now! Get Your Offer

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Honda Appearance Protection in Toronto, Ontario

Are you looking for a new or used Honda vehicle? At Roadsport Honda, we have you sorted. We are an authorized Honda dealership with access to all available plans that you need to protect your Honda vehicle. Whenever you buy a Honda vehicle from our dealership, numerous warranties can be added to your purchase. With our Honda appearance protection plan, your Honda vehicle will always look new.

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Items Covered Under Honda Appearance Protection

The Honda plus protection covers the following:

  • Full body panel corrosion which features both in and out of the vehicle
  • Undercarriage corrosion
  • Surface rust protection
  • Paint finish protection
  • Fabric and leather stain protection

Advantages of Honda Appearance Protection

The Honda owners can enjoy the benefits of protecting their Honda vehicle in the following ways:

  • Their vehicles remain new for longer
  • It saves you money by servicing and repairing your car on your behalf
  • The plan is acceptable in many service centers, so you will not be stuck in case of any problem while you are at different places
  • It meets all the rental car coverage expenses
  • The protection plan pays the dealer directly for any work done

The Different Honda Warranties Available in Toronto, Ontario

Honda Standard Warranty: This warranty covers the powertrain, emission system, surface corrosion, rust perforation, all genuine Honda accessories, among others

Extended Warranty: You can purchase this warranty before the standard contract expires, in three years. It helps you cut down on the Honda vehicle repair expenses.

Lease Guard Protection: This warranty protects you during the Honda vehicle lease period. It protects you from the worries of any superficial stains, dents, and dings during the period and lets you enjoy your driving.

Honda Advantage: For daily smooth driving, your Honda vehicle requires regular services and the replacement of wearable parts. This warranty saves you the struggles for these items.

Tire and Rim Protection: Your Honda machine wheels put up many obstacles on the road, including unexpected potholes, uneven utility holes, unfavourable weathers, nails, or screws, among many other daily road challenges. Our Honda plus tire and rim protection keep you off such worries while on the move.

Total Loss Protection: In the case of a total loss of your Honda vehicle through accident or theft, the warranty will come in between you and your insurance company to ensure you don't get into your pocket in any way. It will also put you behind the wheel of a new Honda vehicle as soon as possible.

Owner Comfort Warranty: This plan covers the damages that are not covered by your insurance company that includes: dent and ding protection, windshield repair, key fob replacement, rip, tear, and burn safety.

Roadside Assistance: This warranty helps you in an emergency, for instance, lockout service, winching service, traffic accident services, among others.

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