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Ready to Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle? Get Your Instant Cash Offer Now! Get Your Offer

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Honda Payment Protection

Honda Payment Protection

Let Honda Worry About The Future For You

RoadSport Honda is the preferred Honda dealership in Toronto, Ontario, and serves the Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Markham, Pickering, and surrounding areas. We have an extensive inventory of the newest Honda cars and trucks, with some of the industry's best warranty plans. Please fill out an online finance application today and contacts us to see which Honda from our new inventory is the right one for you. Whichever car you pick, even from our user list, we will always have your back.

The Not-So-Standard Warranty

Every new Honda comes backed with a 5yr/1000,000km Honda warranty for the drive train. The emissions systems and Integrated Motor Assist system come covered for 8yr/130,000km and 8yr/160,000km. Your Honda warranty also covers rust damage for five years no matter how much you drive in that time. Remember, too, that Honda owners have the option of extending their coverage for up to 8years and 200,000km.

Peace of Mind

Honda knows that worn parts and labour costs aren't the only worries in a car owner's life. Things can happen in a person's life, through no fault of their own, that can make getting your payments out on time nearly impossible. Well, Honda wants you to worry about the things that matter. So, we have come up with an available payment protection plan, which will relieve you of at least one worry as you navigate a difficult time in your life.

Payment Protection

The Honda Plus Payment Protection Plan covers you in the event of loss of employment, critical illness, disability, or life loss.

If you lose your job involuntarily, Honda Plus will make your car payments for you, even if it is because of an accidental injury. You can use this portion of the Honda Payment Protection Plan more than once, if necessary.

In the event of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, paralysis, organ transplant, or bypass surgery, the critical illness portion of the Honda Payment Protection Plan will pay off the rest of your car loan. That way, you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about your payments.

If the worst happens and the loan holder passes away, this plan will pay off the car loan's remainder and leave their estate with an asset rather than a liability.

At all levels, the Honda Payment Protection Plan helps protect you and your credit rating in unforeseen events. In short, you are buying yourself some severe peace of mind.

The Future is Yours

With all of that protection from the unpredictable future, it is time to contacts us at RoadSport Honda and set up an appointment to become one of our newest Honda owners. Whether you choose one from our new inventory or used inventory, you can rest in knowing that your future is secure.

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