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Ready to Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle? Get Your Instant Cash Offer Now! Get Your Offer

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Owners Warranty Honda Plus Extended Warranty

Honda Plus Extended Warranty in Toronto, Ontario

We not only sell quality products but also work to ensure that you are covered wherever you are with your Honda. We provide Honda Plus Extended Warranty to have you covered while you are on the road. We offer Honda Plus Extended Warranty in Toronto and its surrounding cities including, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering alongside other surrounding areas in Ontario. We ensure that Honda Owners have peace of mind while using Honda products through Honda Warranty insurance. Honda warranty ensures that regardless of what happens to you in Canada, it is right. For instance, we a team of skilled technicians who will repair your vehicle in case of an accident, be sure to schedule your service today to learn more.

Honda Plus Roadside Assistance

Honda coverage offers roadside resistance coverage. This allows you to access a toll-free emergency hotline staff consisted of bilingual speakers. You can call our hotline at any time of the day to get help. Our roadside network has over 20,000 approved roadside and towing service facilities ready to offer you help. The facilities are qualified and pre-screened for roadside and round-the-clock towing support. Our roadside resistance coverage includes lockout service, emergency service, towing service, winching service, emergency transportation, trip interruption benefits, emergency message service, dealer locator service, Honda computerized trip routing service, and traffic accident service. Honda Plus Roadside Resistance service is guaranteed once you buy Honda comprehensive plan. The coverage allows you additional services to match the term of your plan, including tire road hazard and car rental. For claims involving tire road hazard and car rental, contact us for more information.

Honda insurance covers roadside resistance for 24/7. Given that there is a Honda coverage plan, we are just a call away, call any time. We also offer zero deductible, whereby we deduct $0 for roadside resistance, parts, and service. In this case, the implication is that if your used Honda vehicles get involved in an accident, we will repair it at no cost. Other covered components include the parts of the engine like the oil pump, flywheel, cylinder block, and intake and exhaust manifolds, electrical components including the radiator, cooling fan and water pump, emission components.

Honda Extended Warranty Coverage

The Honda extended warranty coverage has many plans available that span up to a coverage of eight years or 200,000 kilometres, giving you complete peace of mind that you are protected while driving in North America. This warranty is also transferable, giving you an easier time selling your vehicle if you wish to do so, all while increasing your vehicle's resale value. With this coverage, your Honda will receive genuine parts installed by factory-trained technicians whenever it encounters any mechanical issue. The extended warranty extends the mileage and time coverage on components such as climate control, security system, brakes, electrical, suspicion, steering, fuel system, and powertrain. This plan is also available for leased or purchased Honda models, making it the ideal warranty for anyone looking to have predictable ownership expenses.

Warranty Roadside Assistance

When you opt for the Honda Plus Extended Warranty, you will also get roadside assistance for the entire term of your warranty without any mileage limitations. With this service, you will have access to a 24/7 toll-free emergency helpline, providing you with assistance anywhere in North America. It also covers the vehicle, no matter who is driving it.

Additional Areas of Coverage

Additionally, Honda extended warranty covers transmission, transaxle, clutch, steering, suspension, ABS, and brakes. Honda extended warranty is exhaustive and extensive, but it is easy to use. Contact us in case anything goes wrong with your vehicle.

Honda extended warranty aims to enhance your experience with Honda products. You can fill the new Honda inventory online to have your new Honda. For hot deals, contact us for more information.

Financing Options

Once you find your desired Honda that you wish to make yours, we encourage you to speak to our Finance Centre about the available financing options for your situation and Honda Plus Extended Warranty. We also accept vehicle trade-ins, giving you further savings on your purchase and a convenient way to get rid of your older vehicle.

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