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Owners Warranty Tire and Rim Protection

Honda Tire and Rim Protection in Toronto, ON


If you already own a Honda car or intending to purchase one, there are several things you need to keep in mind. One of them is maintenance, and the car dealership you choose to help you with it. Replacing your car with imitation tires and other non-original parts is a sure way of shortening your vehicle's lifespan.

Roadsport Honda is the preferred choice for everything Honda, serving current and future Honda owners in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas. The beauty of dealing with an authorized dealer is that all Honda vehicle parts come with a warranty. That means you will not have to worry about anything going wrong with the replaced parts.

The Honda protection is available for both new and used Honda vehicles for sale at our dealership center. All you have to do is ensure that you purchase your tires and any other vehicle parts at a Honda authorized dealer for eligibility.

Overview of Honda's Tire and Rim Protection Plan

It doesn't matter whether you already own a Honda or planning to purchase one. Protection of your asset should be a top priority. All new Honda vehicles include a Honda factory warranty that comprises bumper-to-bumper coverage for up to three years.

Honda warranty coverage

Like any other vehicle manufacturer, Honda guarantees all its product with a factory warranty that starts operating from the day a vehicle is bought. Honda also covers for labour offered by its authorized dealers.

What is covered under Honda Tire and Rim

Your tires are some of the most exposed parts of your vehicle. Sometimes the weather in Canada can be uncertain, and hazards can be experienced from anywhere. Although you may not predict what may happen, you can prepare for it.

Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection will ensure that your vehicle is protected from uneven utility hole covers, nails, unexpected potholes, chunks of ice, vehicle accident debris, and glass, among others. All costs associated with tire and rim repair are covered under the Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection Plan. Contact us for more details.

Advantages of Honda Tire and Rim

Several advantages come with Honda Tire and Rim Protection. The first advantage is that your car will always be protected against unexpected damages. Another advantage is that authorized Honda dealers will only handle your Honda vehicle. This ensures that you receive quality services from factory-trained experts.

Don't Forget to Add Tire and Rim Protection to Your New Honda

Honda warranty is available for Honda vehicles for sale in our used inventory and new inventory. Our offices are always open and ready to serve you. Schedule an appointment to test drive a Honda vehicle today.


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