Honda Tire Alignment

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What Is Tire Alignment?

A tire/wheel alignment is the fine-tuning of your Honda's suspension, allowing your tires to function as per manufacturer's specifications properly.  Our factory-trained Honda technicians in our Service Centre can align your wheels appropriately to ensure that your Honda tires are hitting the road at the correct angles, and your drive is stable.  Once aligned, your car will handle and drive as it was engineered to do. 

If you start to notice warning signs that your car is misaligned, schedule a service appointment at RoadSport Honda Service Centre where our technicians can accurately inspect wheels for misalignment. If we discover your wheel and suspension system are misaligned, we will complete the work while you wait.

Signs That Your Honda Needs A Tire Alignment

It is important to recognize the signs of misaligned tires.  If any of the below signs appear, schedule an appointment, or contact us.  

1. Your Honda Pulls To One Side
If you notice your car pull in a certain direction when your vehicle is on a straight path, this is a significant sign of misalignment. You can continue to operate your vehicle, yet an alignment should be scheduled as soon as possible to avoid any damage to your tires and vehicle.   If you are unsure if your car is pulling to one side and not driving straight, you will notice the Honda emblem on the steering wheel is not centred.

2. You Feel Steering Wheel Vibration
While driving, if your steering wheel starts vibrating, this is a good indication that your tires are not hitting the road as it should.  Often, steering vibrations will only occur when travelling at certain speeds, or it can happen constantly.  Either way, steering vibration is another sign of misalignment or perhaps more serious vehicle issues. 

3. You Notice Your Tire Thread Is Uneven
Examine your tires regularly.  If you notice that there is significant wear in some areas of your tire and not others, this could mean your tires are not connecting with the road properly.  Uneven tread wear is an excellent telltale sign your vehicle requires a wheel misalignment.