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How to Pre-Order a New Car in Scarborough, Ontario

How to Pre-Order a New Car in Scarborough, Ontario

How to Pre-Order a New Car in Scarborough, ON

At Roadsport Honda, we pride ourselves on delivering quick and efficient services and options for our customers so that they can always have a satisfying experience with us. We offer all our customers, including those in Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Pickering, Ontario, the option to pre-order their dream Honda vehicle from us. Keep reading to learn more about how to pre-order, the benefits of pre-ordering, and some frequently asked questions about pre-ordering.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering a Car

Many benefits come with pre-ordering a car, especially now. For one, you are limited when purchasing a new vehicle in person. Even when Honda vehicles are in limited supply, beat the market and avoid the hassle of dealing with shortages by pre-ordering. Pre-ordering offers a world of options to choose from when buying a new car. Choose from your favourite model, trims, accessories, and colour combinations custom-made and suited to your tastes and priorities. Not only that, but you also get to be the first person ever to drive your brand-new custom Honda. Also, you can choose from a variety of payment options, including financing, leasing, or cash. No matter your budget or financial situation, we offer competitive prices and comprehensive payment plans to suit your wants and needs. Visit our online finance centre for more information.

Pre-ordering a New Honda

Pre-ordering your dream Honda has never been easier than at Roadsport Honda! You can visit us in person at 940 Ellesmere Road in Toronto, Ontario, or you can contact us and one of our kind and knowledgeable staff members would be happy to help you get through the process.

If you'd prefer, we offer our customers an even more convenient pre-ordering process online! Go to our user-friendly pre-order page to pick out and build your Honda the way you want it, then choose your payment plan, fill out your information, and you're good to pre-order and reserve! We will get in touch with you directly to discuss the exact details, including when you should expect your vehicle to arrive and how your preferred payment plan will come into effect. This will also allow you to ask any outstanding questions about the pre-order process.


How Does Pre-Ordering a Car Work?

When you purchase a new vehicle in-person at a dealership, you have limited options to what they have on hand. That is why pre-ordering is better. When you pre-order a car, you can choose exactly the car you want and build it exactly how you want to suit your preferences perfectly. After you put down a small deposit, we then order your exact vehicle from the manufacturer to have it built exactly the way you chose. The car then gets delivered to us, where we can either hold it for you to pick up in person or have it delivered to you.

When You Pre-Order a Car When Do You Pay?

When you order your chosen vehicle, you will first receive a pre-approval. Then, once you are approved, we ask that you put down a small deposit on the car to be put towards your purchase. When the vehicle arrives and you receive it, you will then be given the details about the payment for your loan, depending on your payment method of choice.

Does Pre-Ordering a Car Cost More?

No, it doesn't! The exact vehicle on our lot with the same features that you chose would cost you the same price as a pre-ordered vehicle. The only difference is the benefits mentioned above, including the car being custom-made specifically to your wants and needs. So why wait? Pre-order your dream Honda today with us at Roadsport Honda.


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