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Ready to Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle? Get Your Instant Cash Offer Now! Get Your Offer

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Benefits of Pre-Ordering a Honda Vehicle

Benefits of Pre-Ordering a Honda Vehicle

Benefits of Pre-Ordering a Honda Vehicle in Scarborough, ON

At Roadsport Honda, we understand that convenience is king better than anyone, which is why we offer consumers a simple, user-friendly online service to build and pre-order their Honda models of choice. Given the current chip shortage and limited supply of Honda models, we're committed to ensuring that you can personalize and order your dream vehicle without any hassles. Whether you're located in our home of Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, or Pickering, Ontario, allow us to fill you in on the benefits of pre-ordering your car before taking advantage of our online shopping service.

Top 5 Benefits of Factory Ordering Your Car

1. Pick Your Model, Trims, & Accessories

When ordering your car online from the factory, you can choose your preferred package according to your wishes, tastes, and needs. There's nothing like a personalized shopping experience to truly make your model of choice yours, and we provide everything you'll need to build and pre-order your Honda exactly as you like it.

2. Pick Financing, Leasing, or Cash

Whatever your preferred method of payment or financial situation, you can treat yourself to your next Honda by paying in cash or arranging a lease or purchase through our Finance Centre. No matter your budget or financial situation, our shopping service allows you to tailor your next lease or financing plan to your liking, thanks to our flexible terms and excellent rates. You can also save more on your new Honda by selling us any trade-in vehicles, and we'll gladly work out a sales price after you've obtained its market value through our website.

3. Custom Made for Your Own Choice

There's no thrill like a thoroughly customized vehicle, and when you pre-order your Honda through our Roadsport Honda dealership, you'll do so knowing your dream vehicle was built by you, for you. We'll ensure that your dream model is treated to your looks, features, trim, and package of choice, so you can enjoy a most personalized automotive experience every time you take the wheel.

4. Beat the Market & Get a Custom Honda

You won't have to worry about a short supply of Honda models when shopping for your next vehicle online at Roadsport Honda, as pre-ordering allows you to beat out the market and guarantees you your Honda of choice, whatever the state of the industry. In other words, pre-ordering spares you the guesswork, stress, and loose ends that can sometimes arise when shopping for a vehicle.

5. Be the First One to Drive

The excitement of being the first one to drive a brand-new custom car is a most unique feeling, and that's exactly what we offer through our online service. Once you've built, priced, ordered, and received your personalized Honda, you'll be the first person to enjoy the new car smell and take it for a spin.

Contact Roadsport Honda to Pre-Order Your Vehicle

You can pre-order your Honda from Roadsport Honda and contact us at your convenience for more information or any help you need from our staff. Whether you have any vehicle-related questions or need details on our financing services, our Roadsport Honda team will be happy to help.

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