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Owners Warranty Extended Warranty for Lease

Extended Warranty For Honda Lease in Toronto, Ontario

If you own a Honda, you may want the best dealer to service your vehicle. Primarily, our dealership is excellent in dealing with Honda vehicles. We offer the best services in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Markham, and all the surrounding areas of Ontario. Our services are for Honda owners, and we strive to ensure that all our clients get the best out of their money. Moreover, we also offer new Honda Warranty services for lease, and it would be beneficial if you got acquainted with this service. However, clients have to complete the online finance application to get pre-qualified for the lease.

Honda Plus Lease Extended Warranty

If you own a Honda and have the Honda Plus Extended warranty, most of the problems people experience when using the car are covered by the warranty. Thus, it saves the car owner a lot of stress and money that would have been used to fix the car's problems. Ideally, the Honda Warranty covers your Honda car's essential parts like the suspension, ABS, steering wheel, and the brakes, for instance. Generally, when something is off about any of the parts listed, you can bring your car to us, and the problem will get fixed if you have the Extended Warranty.

Moreover, the Honda Extended Warranty also covers a lot of electrical components in your car. The electrical system of a Honda car is a bit complex and advanced, meaning that maintaining them may be costly. However, all the costs will be covered by the Extended Warranty if you have one. It also covers the heating and air conditioning components of the car, enabling you to enjoy your ride comfortably.

Coverage Options

The coverage options vary depending on the model of the car you are using. For instance, new Honda vehicles are all eligible for the first-period coverage. The first-period coverage comes in two different forms. You can go with the first package that goes for four years, or you can choose to go with the second package for five years, but at a higher price. After your first period coverage has expired, you cannot renew it for the second time because your car will be among used Honda vehicles.

Nevertheless, you can apply for the second-period coverage, which comes in three forms. The first package goes for three years, or a distance of 60,000 Km. The second package goes for the same number of years, but a longer distance of 80,000 KM. Moreover, you can also go for a second-period coverage which goes for four years, or the last package which goes for five years. The more years you cover your car, the greater your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Purchase Your Honda Lease Extended Warranty Today

Indeed, having the Extended Warranty would be beneficial to any Honda owner. We offer exceptional services to all our clients, and our elite team is always ready and open to help the clients. Our main goal is to ensure that all our clients get the best value for their money. Contact us for more information about the Honda Extended Warranty and schedule your appointment today for certified service.